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On its way this year: The Xbox One Digital TV Tuner

We have been getting so many new features on the Xbox One lately that it seems never ending (not that I’m complaining haha) and here is one more to add to the list.

The Xbox One Digital TV Tuner is a hardware adapter that will enable your Xbox One to receive over-the-air digital TV channels.

This is not just for your Xbox One though – you can also utilize this adapter via your tablets or smartphones:

To use this feature on your tablet or smartphone an update to the SmartGlass app will be released so that you can stream live TV from the same WI-FI network as your console. You will then be able to play, pause and rewind live shows on your tablet or smartphone even if your Player 2 is gaming at the same time.

TVSet up will be really simple, USB cable at one end and a coaxial input at the other. Simply plug the tiny device in and you are ready to go.

The device will allow you to still utilize the voice commands for searching channels (provided you have a Kinect) via your OneGuide with access to the entire channel line up without the need for a digital set-top-box

You will need to save approx. 4GB of your storage for the buffer however that is a feature you can choose not to use. As far as quality goes it’s as good as Free-view HD box delivery and perfect for those that want their Xbox One to be the focal point of their entertainment hub but don’t have Sky or Virgin Media etc.

This device will be available in October for those in the UK for £24.99 and 29.99 Euros in France, Italy, Germany and Spain. Details on release for other regions are still to come.

TV1Pre-order: Microsoft


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