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Standalone Kinect sensors for Xbox One will soon be available

Over the last few months, Microsoft has gone the way of creating Xbox One bundles that have no Kinect sensor for those who were unsure if they'd want the peripheral.

 In doing so, some gamers were curious if they would be able to pick up a Kinect at a later date in which Microsoft said that would be in the plans later on.

Finally we do know that you will be able to buy a standalone Kinect on October 7 for $149.99. This standalone Kinect will come with Dance Central Spotlight from Harmonix as a digital download that will come with 10 tracks for the game.

So far there haven’t been a lot of big games to be made specifically for the Kinect. Even the ones were made specifically for the Kinect were met with a wide variety of terrible, like Fighter Within, to pretty fun like Kinect Sports Rivals. Currently, Harmonix is working on Fantasia: Music Evolved.

Source: Xbox Wire

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