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Why you should be excited for PAX

So PAX Prime is happening this weekend, marking one of three Penny Arcade Expos, next year being four with PAX South joining the fun. So what is PAX and why should gamers be as excited as other "bigger" expos?

 There is quite a lot to know about these events and why you should care about it as a gamer. -Side note- Every Tweet used below are in regards to this years PAX Prime event in Seattle, Washington.

For PAX it is about showing off the game and not about making announcements.

Sure everyone loves a juicy story, but let’s save that for places like E3 and Gamescom. PAX is all about what you have to show for those big announcements. At PAX Prime this year you can except to see games that were talked about at the other expos as playable demonstrations. Already some announced titles such as Bloodbourne will be playable for the first time to the US on the floor. Pretty much most games that have been talked about will be playable in some form or another.

Indie games thrive at PAX and Is typically one of the best expos to showcase.

The Penny Arcade has always been about gaming, comics, gaming humor and anything of the sort. Another thing that they have become synonymous with is the support that they give to indie developers with their showcasing. Many games from Braid to Fez to Super Time Force were all once held as playable games in the booths of PAX. In September, Super Time Force will become a free game to Xbox One gold members; the game was showcased in 2012. It shows how far some of these indie games go from demoing to become timed and sometimes full-time exclusives to certain consoles.

PAX has all the swag you need!

When you attend expos one of the best feelings is being able to return to every day life with all of the nerd swag that your heart desires. Sure every expo has their own form of this, but PAX takes this to a whole new level. Almost every booth has something that they want you to walk away with because it’s pretty much the best form of advertisement. Indie games don’t rely on the money of big companies to do their real gaming-gospel preaching, they actually rely on you. When you attend you get to play the game, talk with the developer and leave with a shirt, pin or some kind of token. Can you really leave upset or with a bad impression after all of that?

PAX Prime started events today and will run through Sunday. Some folks like me will remain envious that I cannot attend. Oh well, January will be here soon enough so that I can make my pilgrimage to San Antonio to attend the first ever PAX South!

PAX Prime Official Website

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