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Halo 3 Gameplay & The Master Chief Details From PAX 2014

At this year’s PAX a large panel from 343 Industries have discussed the upcoming release of The Master Chief Collection and also provided us with some new details and the first look at gameplay for Halo 3.


Dan Ayous – Executive Producer

Kiki Wolfkill – Executive Producer

Paul Lipson – Snr Audio Director

Max Hoberman – President, Certain Affinity

Frank O’Connor – Franchise Development Director

I have linked the entire panel discussion for you below so you don’t miss anything, however some of the stand out pieces of information that were the discussed are: Halo 2’s sound track, the addition of Lockout and changes being made to Forge, the gameplay from Halo 3, and confirmation about release of details for Halo 1.


The sound track for Halo 2 has been completely re-orchestrated and the sound effects have been overhauled. You can catch some of the new music in the panel video linked below (22:00). The new sound effects for the weapons is also included in the panel discussion and they sound just amazing, much more intimidating.

The official Halo 2 soundtrack will release at the same time as The Master Chief Collection, November 11.


No details were released yet about the changes being made to the multiplayer in Halo 1 however 343 did state that changing between the old and new graphics will be instantaneous instead of the fade of the 360 version. 343 also advised they will release more details about Halo 1’s multiplayer next month.

They also touched briefly on Halo: Reach and the huge fan base that it has. 343 have confirmed that there are no current plans to update it for Xbox One – sorry.

Halo 3 Gameplay has finally been released and here is the first look at it for you in 60FPS 1080P:

For those of you that are keen to see what’s being switched up and changed in Halo 2 here’s a little look at what they are doing to Forge. As more broader details are released I will update you:

Halo 2So for the full panel discussion please see the video linked below and as more details about Halo: The Master Chief Collection and Halo 5 are released I will continue to keep you updated.

Thank you




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