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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare – A breakdown of the awesomeness that is on the way

There has been a lot of info to take in over the past few months about the upcoming instalment to the Call of Duty franchise.

Many people are judging the game by its trailer while others are just excited for any new addition to the franchise.

Well I’m excited. It looks amazing, and if you are behind on the info that has been released please see the various volumes of the Big CoD Update linked at the base of this article.

The video below goes into detail about the EXO skeleton movement, customization options, the revealed maps and some of the game modes.

Sledgehammer Games have really stepped it up a few notches and I can’t wait until November to get amongst it.

Big CoD Update #1 – Everything you need to know about AW

Big CoD Update #2 – New Engine

Big CoD Update #3 – Facts Update

Big CoD Update #4 – CoD AW Technology

Big CoD Update #5 – Game Development

Big Cod Update #6 – The return of traditional CTF & the other game modes

Big CoD Update #7 – Season Pass & Atlas/Digital Editions

Big CoD Update #8 – Day Zero Edition, Exoskeleton, Customization, MP Maps & much more…..




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