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A wireless cloud video surveillance system for the Xbox One

Homevue is the newest concept to be put forward for the Xbox One. A home security system that harnesses cloud technology to integrate with your Xbox One.

“The elegant wireless Homevue cameras are wireless and can be placed almost anywhere. They deliver HD video to the cloud where they can be viewed from your Xbox or remotely from any computer, smartphone or tablet at no additional monthly cost. Homevue works while you are playing games (keep an eye on the baby or see who is at the front door while shooting down aliens) or even when your Xbox is turned off. You can receive automated texts and emails with images when motion is detected and have the option to record video on the integrated Homevue cloud for only $99 a year. The entire system can be installed in seconds – simply place the cameras, turn on your Xbox and start up the Homevue app – the rest is automatic!”

Homevue is currently in Kickstarter stage, needing $180,000 to get underway. The parent company Smartvue Corporation currently provides video surveillance for businesses across the globe and wants to make their easy to use security options available to us at home too.

home security“We chose Xbox not only because of the ability to play games and view cameras at the same time, but because it is an amazingly robust and easy to use platform that is so popular.”

Is this something you would consider buying for your home?

SOURCE: Kickstarter


2 Comments on A wireless cloud video surveillance system for the Xbox One

  1. Yes I’m very interested


  2. interesting idea….I hope it takes off


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