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Club Nintendo Rewards [Through October 12]

Each month, Nintendo cycles through their listing of rewards available in Club Nintendo. This month has some pretty sweet deals.

Nintendo has always been the company known for pleasing it’s fans with cool trinkets and other “swag” [I loathe that word, but it keeps relevancy]. For those who do not know how Club Nintendo works, essentially you get coins with new games, typically a newer release, or a Nintendo console or handheld console. Occasionally, you can fill out surveys that will also get you coins as well.

This month there are some pretty neat games coming to both the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS.

*All of the digital games are available until October 12th, 2014 via Club Nintendo!

The Wii U Gets:

  • Mario Bros, which was the original Mario game for the NES. [Our first notice, from our writer Bobby “Biggiejerseys” notified me that this version was originally released for the Arcade in 1983 and not the NES, whereas The Super Mario Bros. was the NES release in 1985. If there is any further knowledge that can be shared with us, please let us know to share with everyone!] This is where it all began for the infamous platformer that is still loved today. If you are one of the hipster kids you should definitely snag this title.
  • Kirby Super Star is an old SNES title that features 7 different game modes as well as an awesome rendition of cooperative play. You get to square off with all of the baddies of the Kirby-universe such as King Dedede and Meta Knight.
  • Super Punch-Out!! is also another SNES title that sequels it’s NES predecessor. While it is debatable on whether or not it lives up to the charm and difficulty of the original, you can rest assured you will not have to let your dreams be smashed down by Mike Tyson this time around.
  • NES Play Action Football is an NES American football game that was not named Tecmo Bowl. This was before you had Madden or even the older Quarterback Club and NFL2k games; back to the basics.

The Nintendo 3DS Gets:

  • The Super Mario Bros. and in all honesty, see Mario Bros. above and add “The Super” to the front end. If anyone can shed light on the differences to us, please let me know via twitter – PlayBack Gaming Twitter.
  • The Legend of Zelda, the original from the NES. Like Mario Bros, this is where the adventure of Zelda, Link and Hyrule began. Being that it is on handheld, you should take this with you!
  • Touch Solitaire – This should be self explanatory. A handheld version of the famous solo-player card game, just for you…. queue the all alone memes!
  • Pictobits it is a bit like Tetris but with differences in the ability to move your playing field around, and clearing sections with rectangles and squares.

Club Nintendo also offers physical rewards with free shipping:

Physical rewardsSource: Club Nintendo

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