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More New Nintendo 3DS Designs Coming Soon

Aside from planning to release a completely new handheld system with it's own exclusive games, Nintendo has been prepping up more 3DS goodies for this holiday season.

If you are looking to get a 3DS, assuming you are not part of the 41 million owners already, then you might want to snag one of these neat additions. Nintendo is well known for making designed consoles and handhelds to go to market and celebrate the release of a highly anticipated game or celebrate a landmark achievement.


With Super Smash Bros. release slowly creeping in Nintendo has planned on releasing a Super Smash Bros. themed Nintendo 3DS XL. Originally it was planned for Europe with a North American release, but that has now been confirmed for North America as well. This handheld does come with the game digitally. Unfortunately, unlike the Japanese version of this handheld, the European and North American models will not have the NEW Nintendo 3DS features such as internal Amiibo sensors or extra buttons.

NES 3ds

Today at the GameStop Expo Nintendo revealed the Game Stop exclusive Nintendo 3DS XL that resembles a classic NES controller. This makes it a fun way to play a lot of the nostalgic games you can get with this months and every months Club Nintendo Rewards.


Another recently announced 3DS XL promotional handheld was announced for Persona Q: Shadow of Labyrinth. The handheld was inspired by the game but unlike the Super Smash Bros. version of the 3DS, this one does not contain a game in stow. So far this handheld has only been announced for a Japanese release, but just like the Super Smash Bros. handheld, it is a safe bet that it will make it’s way to the western markets in due time.

All of these new 3DS XL’s are marked for $199.99 MSRP. They also will not contain the new features that were announced for the “NEW” Nintendo 3DS and 3DS XL.

Source: Nintendo

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