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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Prestige and Rank details revealed.

Today, Michael Condrey teased us with a little more information about the upcoming release of Advanced Warfare.

The below tweet states ‘50/15 #7’ and displays the emblem for the 7th Prestige.

condrey prestige

So from this we can see that Advanced Warfare will have 15 Prestige levels, each having 50 ranks you need to level up through to be able to Prestige.

Not that this is much of a surprise as we are used to starting off with a goal of reaching ‘Master Prestige’ at Prestige 10 and previously we have had extra Prestige levels added taking it up to a total of 20 Prestige levels, so 15 as a starting point seems pretty solid.

You don’t want to be reaching ‘Master Prestige’ too quickly as that takes the fun out of earning XP for your challenges and events such as the Double XP Weekends.

SOURCE: Twitter


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