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PlayStation Now Beta to Add New Services…In the Future

The PlayStation Now Open Beta has been in effect since the beginning of August and Sony says the reviews have been overwhelmingly positive! In addition to the current line-up of PS3 games that the company offers to its live streamers, VP Eric Lempel recently told Game Informer that Sony is looking to add PS4, PS2, and PS1 games to the catalog.


Perhaps the biggest news to come out of the interview was that Sony are actively discussing a pricing change in the form of a Netflix-like subscription! When asked the question, Lempel replied “No details on that just yet, but we are actively working on that behind the scenes because we have heard from our users that that’s something they’re really interested in.” He added that Sony also hasn’t ruled out letting users just buy a game in full from PlayStation Now.

While adding a full catalog of games would make PS Now more appealing, the prices are currently unappealing for many gamers with rentals costing as much as $49.99 USD for some.

I pose this question to you, gamers: What is a reasonable pricing model for the PS Now service? Would you rather see a Netflix-like subscription model or a per game basis model? Let us know what you think!

Happy Gaming!

Source: Game Informer

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