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Super Smash Bros. Possible Wii U Release Date and More Rumors

It's better late than never, but the release date has been announced for the Wii U version of Super Smash Bros. Will you be picking it up this holiday season?

With Super Smash Bros. the release for the Nintendo 3DS is quickly approaching western audiences for it’s October 3rd release date, many Wii U fans have been wondering when they will get their hands on the console version. A leak on Twitter shows a pending release date of November 21; for North American gamers, this would be the week prior to Black Friday but don’t expect it to be on sale. Nintendo has yet to confirm whether or not if this is official, nor have any other retailers put down a firm date as such.

Super Smash Bros. released in Japan last Friday and has been met with some crazy pictures of gamers breaking their Nintendo 3DS’s analog stick. It seems that Super Smash Bros. might leave gamers to forget to be delicate with their electronics as they may not be ready for the intense battling as such in Super Smash Bros. Also releasing on the same day, was the demo version for the North American 3DS gamers who have achieved Platinum status between July 1st (2013) and June 30th (of this year). Club Nintendo gave these gamers a code for themselves as well as 3 additional codes to give to friends. While this seemed too good to be true, Nintendo’s charity hit a snag when gamers were being banned for selecting to play as Princess Peach.

Lastly, it also looks like gamers will be able to use the Nintendo 3DS as their Wii U controllers. With so many hand-helds becoming victim of rough gameplay (Zelda Informer), will you really want to use it? It is possible the connection will only allow for data transfer between the handheld and console versions. Or you can stick to an amiibo for your unique characters, unless you are going with a Mii Fighter of course.

Source: Polygon

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