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Unannounced PS4 game Or Clever Marketing?

Earlier this week, Sony made a few waves due to an advertisement noting future PlayStation 4 game release dates. In an ad first seen on the gaming information website MCV, Sony listed “More To Be Announced” under the Games Coming Later This Year column.


While all of the PlayStation 4’s games are accounted for, including Grand Theft Auto V – the ‘More To Be Announced’ ad has spawned a frenzy of hopes and wishes. The facts are as such: The game will be a disc-based retail offering along with the rest of the games noted in the advertisement. We have seen a wide range of guesses as most are excited about the unknown developments. Most have rumored it to be a re-release of a PS4 version of Beyond: Two Souls.

We have seen Sony do this in the past. During the early days of the PlayStation 3, Sony often noted a “Secret PS3 Game” on their upcoming game rosters. Sony only took it down years later when pressed by fans that were tired of the suspense.

I’ve attempted to reach out to Sony and the PlayStation 4 team. As always, Playback Gaming will keep you updated with all of the latest developments from this situation and others.

Let the team at Playback Gaming know what your guess is! Are there any games you are hoping to see?

Happy Gaming!


Source: PlayStation Lifestyle

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