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Xbox One Laptop – Never be without your Xbox again….

Ever go away for holidays and by the time you get back the thing you have been missing the most is your Xbox? Well you never have to go through that again – introducing the Xbook.

The Xbook is exactly what you think it is – an Xbox One turned into a laptop with all the same functionality and graphics: 22 inch screen with 1080p display and Blue-Ray player.

xbook 1Since Xbox Live rules do not permit any modification of the hardware, the contents of the laptop are literally that of the Xbox One console. While it’s smaller than the console version it’s still chunkier than a standard laptop however you have the convenience of being able to take it anywhere with you, open the lid and start gaming. Rather convenient I think.


If you are interested in buying one of these bad boys head over to Ed Zarick’s website which is linked below, just make sure you have $1500 spare before you do.

SOURCE: Slash Gear


2 Comments on Xbox One Laptop – Never be without your Xbox again….

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