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LAST CALL – The final round of Clan Wars starts……..TOMORROW

Still trying to level your Clan up in Call of Duty Ghosts? Well this is your last chance to do so via the Clan Wars. 

The Clan Wars are coming to an end, this is the final rotation. Don’t stress if you have not quite reached those red tags yet though as there are other ways you can get there, check out the details about that here.


For the Clans competing in the Diamond Division Battle Royale:

There is will be one last round this weekend (20/9 – 21/9) which will decide the overall top Diamond Division Clan.

  • Pacific: Starts 11AM PDT, finishes 3PM PDT
  • Eastern: Starts 2PM EDT, finishes 6PM EDT
  • Europe: Starts 8PM CEST, finishes 12AM CEST


Standard Diamond Division:

Your final battle will be in Mombasa, Kenya over two the two days of this weekend (20/9 – 21/9).

  • Pacific: Starts 7PM PDT, finishes 11PM PDT
  • Eastern: Starts 7PM EDT, finishes 11PM EDT
  • Europe: Starts 8PM CEST, finishes 12AM CEST


Platinum, Gold, Silver & Bronze Divisions:

Your final battle starts TOMORROW and will be held in West Africa.

  • September 17th at 12PM PDT / 9PM CEST, continuing through September 22nd at 12PM PDT / 9PM CEST.


Emblem Pack: Outer Limits

Clans will compete for the Outer Limits Emblem Pack, offering another five emblems for the in-app Emblem Editor. Bronze-Platinum Clans must place in the top three to unlock the pack, while Diamond Clans that earn any amount of CP during the war will automatically unlock the additional emblems. Expect all earned rewards to be delivered within 48 hours after the end time for each war.


SOURCE: @BeachheadStudio


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