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Xbox One Controller – On it’s way to your PC this November….

Remember last year when we were introduced to a new controller? with Impulse Triggers delivering fingertip vibration and redesigned thumbsticks, along with an all new D-pad. A controller with over 40 innovations - Well it’s coming to PC.

That’s right this November, Microsoft will be selling an Xbox One Controller and its required cable for Windows PC. The controller will be compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 8. Not only will it be compatible with your Windows PC but you can still use it on your Xbox One. Just plug that bad boy into any available USB slot and the controller will update automatically, working wirelessly or with the cable on your Xbox One.

We did see the PC drivers released in June, so you can still just use your current controller with a little driver installing and spare cable you’ll have lying about play that way, but if the thought of all that scares you as much as it does me then this bundle will be perfect for you. Anyway you can never have enough spare controllers.

Source : Xbox Wire

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