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Scalebound Multiplayer Anyone? Tokyo Game Show reveals new details

One of the biggest mystery games so far this year has been Scalebound. After a very short teaser trailer we have seen nothing else come out of camp Platinum – until now.

Now while there has been no official confirmation of the addition of multiplayer to the game, producer Atsushi Inaba has teased that the answer lies within the trailer. I have linked the trailer below for you and I think he is clearly pointing us towards the multiple dragons that join in the fight towards the end of the trailer.

“Unfortunately, we are unable to comment or say at this time, but as Kamiya touched on it earlier, we are not building this as a pure sort of linear boss game. The player can then go and go back if you want to and replay the entire game, so we’ll kind of leave that up to your imagination.

We are making this game not to be a short game but something that players will be playing for longer hours at a time. After this session you will be able to go back to the trailer. As we said every shot counts and every shot means something, there may be something there.”


When asked by IGN if Scalebound will be open-world or more linear, Kamiya answered:

“This vision that we have with these large monsters is super high impact, like dynamic sort of battles here. The probably perfect environment or setting that we can give to show that off would be a place in this sort of vast natural environment. So I do want to bring that out and be able to showcase that in the right space.”

Other details divulged by the dev team are that there is only one playable character – the one you see in the trailer, and that there will not be an option to select gender.

Apart from that we just have to sit back and pray that before the Tokyo Game Show is over Platinum Games has something else to offer us.



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