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Square Enix Announces: Cloud Gaming Project – Shinra Technologies

You may recognize the name from the corporation in Final Fantasy VII and Square Enix have decided that’s the perfect name for their new Cloud Gaming Project.

Announced today at the Tokyo Game Show, Yoichi Wada will be the president of Shinra Tech and the beta for the project will start as early as the first quarter of next year in Japan.

The North American Beta is expected to also be sometimes next year but just when that will be was not indicated.

The beta will give participants the ability to play games such as Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy VII, Deus Ex: Human Revolution and they will also be able to maneuver the Agni’s Philosophy technology demo in real time.


This cloud service will allow developers to use multiple servers providing them with greater physics and graphics for game development. For us, the user, that means we are in for ANOTHER leap forward in the quality of the games we receive.

Yoichi Wada stated at the Tokyo Game Show that “2016 will be a key moment for cloud gaming.”

Unlike PlayStation Now, Shinra Technologies’ cloud gaming will not focused on streaming games but more cloud centric.

“Shinra Technologies replaces the console with a supercomputer,” Square Enix

SOURCE: GameSpot


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