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Who’s keen for some new Destiny content? Check out the new details

It seems the latest update for Destiny may have brought something else with it, a heap of ‘accidentally’ displayed details on the new content that’s headed your way.

This includes new Missions and Crucible content which looks like they will be spread across the two expansion packs.

content 1 content 2 content 3





The new Missions, Raids & Strikes on display are:

Earth – The Jovian Complex, level 10 strike

Earth – The Veil Lifted, level 18 story mission

Earth – The Seeding, level 18 story mission

Earth – Gone to Ground, level 20 story mission


Moon – Expansion 2 Moon Strike, level 14 strike

Moon – The Wakening, level 20 story mission

Moon – Crota’s End, level 28 raid

moonVenus – Wolves’ Harvest, level 20 story mission

Venus – The Citadel, level 22 story mission

venusMars – The Hypogeum, level b20 strike

marsThe Reef – Reef Raid, level 28 raid

reefKinsey_92 was the first YouTuber to share the footage of these added Missions and Crucible content, which you can find linked below, so thank you kindly Sir.

The first expansion pack, The Dark Below, is due to release in December and as details are confirmed we will be sure to bring you all the news.


SOURCE: Kinsey_92

After some more details about the development of Destiny DLC? Then check THIS out.


2 Comments on Who’s keen for some new Destiny content? Check out the new details

  1. Maybe I’ll get back into Destiny in December then..haha. I might play some Crucible now and then and try to finish off the main story just to say I did it (currently level 21) but I can’t see myself getting much more done than that, especially not with games like Shadow of Mordor taking center stage for me now.


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