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Driveclub Is Racing In With a New Trailer

With less than a week until Driveclub parks itself in your PS4’s disc drive check out Sony’s new trailer for one of the most anticipated driving games this year.

If your not sure about it Playstation Plus fans rejoice because you’ll be allowed access to 11 tracks and 10 cars, which you can upgrade to the full game for $49.99.

Sony has also confirmed that Driveclub will support gaming wheels. At launch the Thrustmaster T80 and T300RS will work with the game and Sony have said they will release support for other wheels when they become available for the console.

So grab five friends, create your Driveclub and rise to fame. Sony already has big DLC plans for this release including paid and free DLC. You’ll be getting free DLC starting November which begins with one free car a month.

Source : Sony


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