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PlayStation Plus: Free Games for October

October is here and that means a whole new list of free games for PlayStation Plus members.

PlayStation 4 members will be able to get indie-hit Spelunky (cross-platform play) where they can take on AI or friends in a very brutal action platformer. Dust: An Elysium Tail is another platformer indie that mixes in some RPG-like elements to help unfold the story of the game. PlayStation 4 members will also get a bonus game with the release of DriveClub: PlayStation Plus Edition. This is specifically for the free edition of the game and not to be confused with the retail version. The subtly dubbed PlayStation Plus Edition comes with 10 cars to choose from and 11 tracks to take on your opponents.

PS Plus Games October 2014

PlayStation 3 members will be able to get some new-era classics with Batman: Arkham Asylum which is the first installment to the Arkham series. PS3 owners will also get their hands on Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara which is essentially a classic hits of prior D&D games, but prettier.

For the PS Vita gamers, you will be able to pick up Pix the Cat which is a puzzler that requires speed and technique; you can as well as cross purchase with PS4. Vita owners will also get Rainbow Moon which is a roleplaying game with real-time strategy and turn based elements as well as an extensive character development profile; this game can also be cross purchased with PS3.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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