News Flash

Project Spark beta participants get a special thank you by way of freebies.

Did you take part in the Project Spark beta? Well if so check your inbox as you will also have an email waiting for you just like I did to tell you about all the bonus items being credited to your account.

These words from the Project Spark team:

We wanted to let you know that your account has been granted the following items from Team Dakota for your participation in the Project Spark beta.

  • Three (3) Days of Spark Premium.
  • Twelve thousand (12,000) Spark Credits.

These items have automatically been added to all accounts that logged into the Project Spark Beta prior to 11:59 pm PDT, October 5th, 2014. Spark Premium provides the following benefits:

  • Double XP and credit earnings
  • Day one access to unlocking new content releases with Spark credits.
  • Early access to Project Spark features that are still under development.

Log in now and use the 12,000 Spark credits (with your active Spark Premium account) to unlock the following:

  • Get Started Bundle (4,000 Spark Credits).
  • Builder Pack: Thin Primitives (8,000 Spark Credits)
  • Or a number of other items available in the Project Spark marketplace.


Don’t know what time that is for you? Check it via this time zone conversion page: Time Zone Conversion


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