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Destiny: A Month Later Review

Since Destiny is a game that is supposed to be built up over time, it is only right that over time we continue to give Destiny a grading mark. The first time grading it received a pretty good overall rating, did Bungie do enough to keep satisfaction level up?

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4 Comments on Destiny: A Month Later Review

  1. So where is the review? You don’t actually think someone is going to watch your video do you? Try using a keyboard and typing it out.


    • 🙂 Yeah, the original review was a written review and I’ve written the majority of my posts with few videos implemented. Have a good day.


      • Definitely would like to see the review in a page format. Not much interest for me in watching a video especially about Destiny. If you had a video where Bungie was opening envelope after envelope of returned discs, that would be something I could enjoy seeing. That or a candid video where a Bungie developer actually admitted they rushed the game knowing it was a less than acceptable product.


      • Definitelt appreciate your feedback. Do you happen to have a link or source to that omission from Bungie? I would really much like the see it, sounds like an interesting read.

        P.s. Considering writing and video reviews coincidingly in the future as I write them as a script. You can still find my original review of Destiny on the blog which was written.


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