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October Update Rolling Out NOW

So many great features are on the way today. If you haven’t had a chance to check out exactly what you will be getting here are all the details.

Features break-down:

  • New Snap and Friends functions
    • Snap Updates
      • Friends Snap App
      • Messages Snap App
    • Achievements App
    • Friends section
    • New SmartGlass features
  • Improvements for TV and video
    • Media Player DLNA and MKV support
    • Live TV MiniGuide
    • OneGuide in 11 new countries
    • Internet TV Apps
    • Universal Remote Control in SmartGlass
    • Live TV initial setup experience
    • Live TV Cable & Satellite Box auto-detection
  • New accessory and “hide” features
    • Updated Devices & Accessories page
      • Firmware updates
      • Find my Controller
    • Hide Games and Apps on your console
  • Password resets just got better

To see full descriptions of each of these features please visit Major Nelson’s blog.

Thanks Larry


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