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Yetis Are Real in Far Cry 4’s Season Pass

Ubisoft has announced all the new details for Far Cry 4’s DLC.

The pass will cost £23.99 ($30) and has both single player and co-op missions included.

far cry

Announced so far:

– At launch The Syringe Mission will be available. You  will be trying to stop Pagan Min’s forces from securing a powerful recipe he needs to protect his forces. Its available in both single player and co-op.

Durgesh Prison Mission is co-op only with you controlling either Ajay or Hurk in a prison break attempt.The Hurk Deluxe Pack includes all three previously announced bonus missions the new harpoon gun and monkeys, along with a further two missions.The mission Overrun sees you controlling Rakshasa or Golden Path in a PVP mode where you fight for a series of neutral locations across Kyrat to protect them from being overrun by your opponents.

– The final mission. The Valley of the Yetis sees Ajay’s helicopter crash on a Himalayan ridge where you explore to find tolls that upgrade your camp and survive an attack from cultists at night time. Yeti, be careful entering too deep into the caves there might be something worse in there.

Source: IGN


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