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Have you registered your Clan for Advanced Warfare yet? Deadline is tomorrow – here are all the details you need.

Here are the Clan registration and important general details that you need to be prepared for the upcoming season.

To have your Clan ready to go for the new season if you are a cross-platform Clan you MUST register your Clan by Thursday, Oct 23 at 11:59 PM PDT. Clans that are console specific will automatically be transitioned onto the new system.

To register your Clan or check on the status of your current Clan log in at: Call of Duty Clan Registration.

Below, I have pulled together information on some important questions that Clan Leaders will be getting asked over the next week.

qnaWill we be competing in Clan Ops or Clan Wars?

Here is news that may or may not have you jumping for joy. A lot of Clans did not enjoy the onerous daily task of co-ordinating, executing and winning Clan Wars. Many Clans were hoping to see the return of the Clan Ops twice weekly.

Well, for those that did not already know and are in the above demographic I’m sorry to break it to you but Clan Wars are continuing into Advanced Warfare (AW).

So buy some hair dye because you will be grey by the end of this season.

What bonuses will my Clan get?

By having your Clan set up for Day One of AW’s release you will be able to:

  • Compete in Clan Wars
  • Unlock exclusive in-game content and bonuses
  • Design and submit Clan emblems

When can I access the new companion app?

From November 3rd you will be able to download the new Call of Duty companion app which boasts that it “focuses on an enhanced Clan Wars experience, enriched Clan management, and unique content creation.”

When do the Wars start?

The pre-qualifying round for your Clans placement in the ranking system of the Clan Wars will take place on November 15th -16th with the first actual War kicking off on November 26th – December 1st.

One of the rewards you can look forward to for being successful in the Clan Wards is a Gold Exo Suit.

gold exoWhat do the Clans that competed in the Diamond Division of Call of Duty: Ghosts get for their efforts?

Well if you were one of the top 3 Clans of any Battle Royale Regular Tier bracket, you will have unlocked the AW Gold Exo for Day Zero access, and the Clans that accumulated any capture point in the Top Tier will also unlock the gear.

What new/enhanced features can we expect?

The first and most notable edition is the ‘War Room’, and now over to Call of Duty to clarify that for you:

Your new Clan Wars experience begins with the War Room, providing a commander’s oversight of the most important Clan Wars activity. Three scrollable panels offer pertinent info on the current Clan War, previous engagements, and Top War Contributors.

Utilize the Battle Report for a quick overview of current Clan Wars activity. Tap and scroll through nodes for a detailed view of capture objectives, Clan wins, and multiplayer XP bonuses. Check the Clan Wars scoreboard to see where your Clan ranks against the competition. Review Top War Contributors to discover your most impactful members during each engagement.

Reach into the Clan Wars Vault for an archived history of past triumphs and defeats. See your final standing, accumulated Clan XP, and any earned rewards.

Active Roster

To better accommodate scheduling conflicts, we’re introducing the Active Roster. If some members of your Clan are unable to participate in an upcoming Clan War, the Clan Leader can remove those members from the Active Roster. Upon doing so, the absent members will no longer count towards the Roster count and any wins achieved by those members will not be recorded against the active war. The Clan Leader can just as easily add those members back to the Active Roster when they’re available to compete.

Clan Profile

Your Clan Profile page has been bolstered to highlight the top performing members of your Clan. Each week, we will highlight your most active member, MVP, and player with the highest KDR. Nothing wrong with a little friendly competition, right?

Clan Calling Cards

Exclusive Clan Calling Cards will be supported in the game and in-app. Level up your Clan by competing in Clan Wars or playing multiplayer matches with Clan members to unlock more Clan Calling Cards.

Emblem Editor

Player Emblems are back in-game and in-app. Using our robust Clan Emblem editor, start designing your Emblem in the app while on the go, and then finish it at home on your console, or vice versa. In addition, this year, we’re giving all Clan members the ability to design and submit a Clan Emblem to their Clan Leader for approval.

consoleSOURCE:Call of Duty


4 Comments on Have you registered your Clan for Advanced Warfare yet? Deadline is tomorrow – here are all the details you need.

  1. Pre qualified rounds never happened. Are we just going straight into the clan wars on the 26th? Also the split screen multi player has had issued since day one of kicking out of game. When do you think this will get fixed? And it’s on both xbox 1 and ps4. Spend lots of money on equipment and games for it not to work right. ..come on people let’s get it fixed and running properly.


    • Hi there, please see my most recent article which advises of the new date for the pre-qualifying round. They cancelled the last date due to connection issues and problems with the clan app. As far as the split-screen issues go, I know that SHG have a long list of issues that have been reported which they are currently working through. Their primary focus, as you would expect, is the connection problems and prominent glitches. They are very good at resolving issues quickly so you can anticipate a fix for that problem in the very near future.


  2. Gary Warnock // October 28, 2014 at 9:58 AM // Reply

    everytime I go to the link to reserve my clan if pulled a screen up next to it which blocks everything you need to read I’m curious on how I can register my clan before somebody else does and takes the clan tag be for we register it first


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