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Respawn Looks to Update Titanfall Today 10/22

If you haven't had enough of Titanfall, then you are in luck! Even with all three DLC packs already available to gamers, Respawn is still working on changes to Titanfall.

UPDATED (10/22/14 12:48 PM CST):

The new update coming to Titanfall is truly a massive and awesome update. One of the biggest complaints of the game, for many, was the lack of a true campaign. While they don’t look like they are adding to the campaign, the incoming update looks to add a 4 player co-op mode that has what looks like a horde mode.

Frontier Defense – You are attempting to protect what is called a harvester from enemy hordes that are pouring in trying to overtake your station. Respawn had to rework enemy AI to make it more complex and difficult to accommodate for the lack of enemy pilots, and yes, there are enemy Titans, but not the ones you want to get too close to as they have an electric defense that will completely rupture your screen. Best of all, this mode comes completely with turrets you can place and enemy mortars!

Marked for Death Pro – Similar to the old game mode that takes away the ability to re-spawn in until the marked enemy has been killed.

Deadly Ground – The ground is lava.. just kidding. The ground is surrounded in a mist of electric smoke that will kill you if you stay put and do not get out of it quickly enough.

Challenge bypasses will be available in the black market that will allow you to bypass a challenge that you cannot seem to get past. This will not be a Microtransaction but rather purchased through the credits you’ve earned playing the game.

A ranking system system has been added that inputs personalization based upon your progress. It literally will tell you when you are doing good things.

This is the kind of update that the gaming industry needs. One that can take already existing software and utilize that to create completely new experiences without forcing you to shell over even more money at a hefty price. Hats off to you Respawn Entertainment, hats off.

There will be new Titan voices, so if you were completely bored with the old voices, now you will have new voices to talk to you, as well as in foreign languages! With this you can expect other new little features such as signets and such.

These updates will be dropping tomorrow for the Xbox One and at a later date for PC and Xbox 360.

Today, Respawn Entertainment took to Twitter to announce that there is going to be a “massive” update to Titanfall on all three ports of the game: PC, Xbox One and Xbox 360. There does not seem to be any announcement as of yet of what the details of this update is so far, and we will keep you posted

Are you still playing Titanfall?

Source: Twitter via Polygon

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