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Domino’s Feed Me!

Xbox One UK owners will now be able to order your Pizza through Kinect.

domino-s-pizzaMicrosoft and Domino’s are set to announce the partnership next month with the app following soon after. The app allows you to keep playing your game and just say “Domino’s, feed me” or by using physical gestures. The specific gestures allow you to pick your crust type and toppings. We are also assuming you will be able to order through the app and without using Kinect.
Microsoft has a similar deal with Pizza Hut in the US, the US app pulled in $1m in sales within its first four months. We don’t know why Microsoft hasn’t carried the deal over the big pond with Pizza Hut, but we don’t mind its Pizza delivered by talking to your TV, what else do you want from life.

Next step is pulling the Pizza out of your TV like in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.


Source: The Sunday Times



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