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Savings and Deals For the Holidays!

One of the best times of year is the holiday season in which any given day means that any given retailer is looking to unload their goodies into your grasps. While we might not be able to cover everything, we will do our best to make sure our readers do happen to come across the best deals that we see.

King Savings

Best Buy

This week you will see several deals including many Xbox exclusive titles, also Shadow of Mordor across multiple platforms.

November 8th will consist of a one day sale that is looking to give you plenty of PlayStation 4 action. Knack, MLB 14 The Show, KillZone Shadow Fall and InFamous: Second Son are all $24.99. Xbox One purchasers will receive a free year of Xbox Live.

The week of November 9th Best Buy will be having a pretty awesome game sale for Nintendo 3DS fans. Buy one get one half-off will kick off the savings with all 3DS titles. Xbox 3 Month-live subscription will be on sale for half off with the purchase of Halo: The Master Chief Collection or Assassin’s Creed Unity game or console bundle. Controllers will also receive an additional $10 off regular price with the purchase of a console.

Courtesy of Wario64

Courtesy of Wario64


Target is offering one of the biggest savings with a buy two get one free that gives savings of 33% off full price. The best part of this deal is that it covers all games on all platforms. Prepare to mix and match!


Courtesy of Wario64


This retail giant is offering massive Xbox savings by including a plug and play kit as well as an extra controller for every console bundle purchase. If you purchase the Assassin’s Creed bundle that will also include two games in the bundle.
Flyer Source: Wario64 on Twitter

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