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Gears of War for the Xbox One to be announced next year? Apparently so

The Gears hype ramps up again.

Earlier today a well-known and credible insider, Shinobi602 tweeted a Gears picture with the simple statement of ‘Next Year’.

So as you can imagine Gears fans all over the globe have been taking to Twitter and facebook going nuts over the possibilities that this holds.

Does this mean that we are getting a Gears game next year though?

There are so many different things that could be taken out of this and the first obvious conclusion that everyone is jumping to is that it will be The Marcus Fenix Collection.

Anyone that is familiar with my work in the community to get the collection onto the Xbox One will know that there is barely anyone else that’s wants that to be true more than I do, however ‘Next Year’ doesn’t necessarily mean that a game will also be releasing later in the year though. This could simply be an indicator that an announcement will finally be made next year.

I have previously stated that I believe that we are looking at a 2015 announcement, most likely at E3 and this coincides with that theory. Not to mention that last month I reported that Black Tusk are recruiting developers to work on the Gears franchise that must have experience on the 360 console.

There is no reason at all for Black Tusk to recruit 360 developers if not to work on the 360 build of the games.

So does this mean The Marcus Fenix Collection is on the way, or are we perhaps looking at a Gears of War 1 Anniversary edition to be announced for the 10 year anniversary in 2016?

So the dance continues, little hints here, little leaks there, all the while keeping us on our toes waiting for the next bread crumb to be dropped.

As always I will keep you updated with any further information that is provided or ‘accidentally’ leaked.

SOURCE: Dual Shockers

If you want to show your support for #TheMarcusFenixCollection to be released on the Xbox One head over and sign the petition: #TheMarcusFenixCollection for the Xbox One


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