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BEWARE: You are about to have your ranks re-set in Halo: The Master Chief Collection

As we all know, The Master Chief Collection is experiencing its fair share of week one issues.

What we did not expect though is that ranks would be reset once the servers are sorted.

Not long ago we have been advised that “will be resetting ranks once all matchmaking and ranking issues are ironed out.”

This is not going to go down well, especially with those that have been able to access the servers and have been cranking out game after game to level up as fast as they can.

Our best advice for the time being is just to have fun. Don’t worry about your ranking as that is going to be re-set. Try class set ups that you normally wouldn’t try and experiment.

To anyone that this affects in a massive way all we can say is we feel your pain.

The comments on Halo’s twitter feed says it all – Spartan’s are NOT impressed!

As more details are released about exactly when this will happen we will be sure to up date you.

Here are the confirmed details about the upcoming update.

SOURCE: Twitter


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