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How do the Clan Wars work in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare & when do they start?

Last Call of Duty season was the first time we saw the inclusion of Clan Wars instead of Clan Operations. Whilst on the surface it looks to be very straight forward, if you are very competitive or just prefer winning there is quite a bit you need to know.

I have put this guide together to help break down how the system works to give you a better understanding of what you as a Clan Leader/Member need to do to be successful and also to outline the new functions that have been introduced for those that are familiar with the general concept.

Whilst not a great deal of information has been released as of yet about the exact mechanics of the Clan Wars in Advanced Warfare, I have taken the information they have given us, and my experience as a Clan Leader competing in the Wars to put this together for you.

For those of you that prefer to read these things please see below the YouTube video for a more in depth written version.


  • Clan War Pre-Qualification Weekend

  • The General Concept
  • Capturing Nodes
  • Capture Points
  • Strategies
  • New features
  • Clan App
  • How to level your Clan up

Firstly, the Pre-Qualification weekend:

Update: Today Beachhead Studios have announced that they will be delaying the pre-qualifying round and have not yet provided a new date. I will update this article when they do.

pre qual

Prior to the start of the first Clan War a qualifying weekend occurs to decide which Division you will be placed in to ensure that you are placed up against Clans of a similar size and skill.

The pre-qualifying round will take place from November 16th – 17th with the first actual War kicking off on November 26th – December 1st. You will need to compete across the entire weekend for the system to establish the frequency that you play and your win/loss ratio. If you have members that will not be assisting in the Clan Wars I recommend removing them from the Active Roster as you will be placed against other Clans that have similar registration numbers to you.

If you are 50 members strong but only 20 of you play on a regular basis this will be a massive disadvantage to you if you are placed up against Clans of a similar size that have significantly move active members.

Your performance in each War will decide if you stay in your placed Division, move up, or get placed in a lower Division to better suit your Clans performance.

These Divisions are: Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

The Division you are placed in will determine how many points are required to capture each Node. The higher the Division, the higher the number of points needed. I will go into that further later on in this article.


The General Concept:

Clan Wars are battled in normal multiplayer game modes and if Advanced Warfare will be working on the same model as in Ghosts your Clan is put up against 7 other Clans for the battle. Each War several different game modes are chosen for you. You can see which modes are available to you by checking your Clan Wars map via the Call of Duty app.

Typically there is an even mixture of core and hardcore game modes.

Each of these games modes available in your War are called ‘Nodes’. The objective is to capture these Nodes before other Clans do. This will earn your Clan capture points. At the end of the War the Clan with the most capture points wins.

During the time that you have one or more Nodes captured you are awarded a bonus in game XP multiplier. This means that whenever anyone in your Clan plays in that game mode they are earning a lot of extra XP. The XP multiplier varies between an extra 15%–30%. You can check this by opening the Node in the app.

App with nodes


Capturing Nodes:

*For this example a total of 60 points will be needed to capture the node in CORE KC*

To capture this Node your Clan will need to play the CORE KC game mode. You can either play together in a team or individually. Unlike when playing standard multiplayer your wins do count towards the Clan War is you are playing by yourself however you will not be earning Clan XP for doing so. If you happen to be on at an odd hour and no one in your Clan is on, this is a great way for you to still be working towards a Clan goal.

Each win that any Clan member gets in that game mode a point will be added towards that Node. So if you have a team of 6 and you win, you will be awarded 6 points towards that Node and so forth and so forth.

Once you have earned your 60 points you have now ‘captured’ that node.

Here’s where it gets a bit tricky though….

When you capture that Node, all other points that the other Clans have earned towards that Node are frozen. They all now need to work towards knocking off all your 60 points before they can capture it.

So for example:

You’re Clan has: 60 points

Clan ‘A’ has 55

Clan ‘B’ has 40

Clan ‘C’ has 20

Clan ‘D’ has 15

Clan ‘E’ has 10

Clan ‘F’ has 10

Clan ‘G’ has been sitting on their hands with 0 points at all.

These Clans are now all frozen at the above numbers on that Node.


Each win that any of the other 7 Clans in your War gets in that game mode will deduct points from your 60 points. So if even just one of the other Clans has a team of 6 on it would only take them 10 wins (6 points per win) to knock off all of your 60 points and free that node up to be captured again.

At approximately 10 minutes per game including lobby time that would only take roughly 1 hour and 40 minutes to achieve if they win 10 games in a row.

You will remember that Clan A from a the above example is sitting on 55 points towards that Node when it was frozen, so they now only have to get another 5 points, effectively one team win, and they will capture that Node and earn those valuable capture points.


Capture Points:

Each Node is worth a different number of capture points, varying from around 10 – 30 points and you can confirm this by opening the Node on the Clan App.

To be competitive you need to be not only monitoring which Nodes you are capturing and how many capture points you are getting, but also be watching which Nodes the other Clans are trying to capture and how many capture points that will get them. If you are always working towards the Nodes that only earn you 10 capture points and the other leading Clan is working on Nodes that earns them higher points they will pull away from you on the leader board very quickly.



For the dedicated Clans that are going for the War win:

To win a Clan War you need to stay on top of what is happening in every Node, not just the ones you are trying to capture. Continually monitor what Nodes other Clans are actively trying to capture and how many capture points they will earn.

You will see very quickly which of the Clans you are up against are actively working towards the win and you need to be directing your Clan to block their advances whilst working towards capturing other nodes.

So for example: ‘Clan A’ from our previous example is only 5 points away from capturing the CORE KC Node. You will be able to see if they are advancing on it at that time or if they are perhaps offline. If they are not advancing direct your Clan to get straight into that game mode and get as many points up as they can.

One of two things will happen – you will either be lucky enough to sneak in and steal the Node before ‘Clan A’ can complete the capture, or you will have built up points before that Node is frozen, meaning when that Node becomes available again you only have to get a few points to quickly secure it.

Once you have captured a Node you need to assess if any of the other leading Clans are trying to capture that node as well. If they are you then have a choice to make:

– You can either continue focusing efforts towards that Node to hold it down, or

– Allow the opposing Clans to knock your points off that Node while you apply all your efforts on quickly capturing another Node.

Depending on the frequency that the other leading Clans are capturing Nodes, and how many capture points you have versus how many they have, will be your deciding factor on this.

If you are currently in the lead by 20 + capture points towards the end of the War then it’s in your best interest to block the other Clans advances on your Nodes. If you are playing catch up it is a waste of time trying to maintain your Node if it is being attacked, your efforts are better placed at quickly trying to steal one of their Nodes while they are focused on yours this way you can offset the capture points they gain.

If you are lucky enough to have enough Clan members on at the time you can do both – block them and advance on another Node.

You only earn capture points when you first capture the Node, there are no additional points awarded for maintaining it, so if you want to stay ahead you need to be capturing more Nodes.

app 2Now, for less dedicated Clans:

This option is for the Clans with less time to apply to the War.

You are best off to secure your Clans favorite game type Node and keep it locked down to earn large XP rewards.

By selecting a Node that is the most popular in your Clan you know that your members will always be earning points in that game mode and keeping it locked down.

This then means that every member in your Clan playing in that game mode is earning bonus XP for themselves and helping to level up your Clan.

The bonus XP is a great way to level up quickly, so even if your Clan is not keen on participating in the Wars you can still lock a Node down with only a few dedicated members and be getting that bonus XP.

For more details on how to level up your Clan please see the linked article at the base of this guide.


New Features:

So now that we have covered off on the logistics of the Clan Wars, we have a few new features to cover that have been introduced this season.

The largest addition that has been made to the Clan Wars is the ‘War Room’.

This gives a Leader’s oversight into how the Clan is situated and quick access to important info such as:

  • Current Clan War activity
  • How many wins you have
  • What in-game bonuses you have active
  • Who the current MVP is
  • Who currently is at the top of the KDR ladder: and
  • Who has played the most amount of hours in the Clan

Whilst the functionality of the app is very similar to that of what we are used to from Ghosts they do seem to have made it slightly more user friendly which is great and the addition of a Clan Profile page gives you a very quick snap shot of current stats.

You will also be able to use the War Room to check your Clans history and utilize other stats that can help you optimize the performance of your Clan.

war room

The next addition, which I think is probably the most important of all, is the Active Roster.

Last season I put this suggestion forward, as I am sure many others did also, and I am so pleased to see they have taken the feedback on board.

Previously, if you have Clan members that could not compete in a particular War you only had two options:

  1. Leave them in the Clan and be ranked against other Clans of the same size even though you have many members that could not compete, or
  2. Remove them from the Clan completely.

This season you get a much more sensible option with the introduction of the Active Roster. This means that the Clan Leader can simply take anyone that can’t complete off the Active Roster for that War without having to remove them from the Clan, and then simply re-add them to the Active Roster when they are available again.

Other little additions made this season is the return of Clan Calling Cards which can be unlocked as your Clan progresses through levels and the ability to not only create your own emblems but also create a Clan emblem that you can then submit to your Clan Leader for approval.


Clan App:

Last but not least, the Clan App and it’s never ending issues.

Currently the Clan app is experiencing a lot of problems, with some Clan stats not showing at all and others only updating once and then freezing again. Many of the stats that it is actually showing are also incorrect so don’t be concerned with any of the figures that it’s giving you at the moment.

This issue is well known and is being worked on. Hopefully it will be resolved before the pre-qualifying round kicks off this weekend.

It has been made very clear though that whilst your Clan XP may not be showing on the app it is still accumulating in the background and will be there once the app is finally fixed.

I will continue to update you with any changes that are confirmed along the way to the information that I have provided to you so be sure the check back in here for any updates over the coming weeks.


 How to level up your Clan:

If you are uncertain of how to earn Clan XP or how to maximize on your Clans efforts please see this guide (shorter than this one I promise) to walk you through the mechanics of how Clan XP works.


7 Comments on How do the Clan Wars work in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare & when do they start?

  1. I still don’t understand how to do wars on my PS3 console I have season passes and some of the maps in th aww app I have never see them when in game lobby please help


  2. This isn’t fast sufficient for gaming, however much less action-oriented video
    games, like Dragon Age: Origins or Mass Effect 2 may function easily at reduced resolutions and with a lot more sophisticated graphics options switched off.
    By now, it’s a good time to look over your options once more.

    Hacker ‘ Allows you to see enemy equipment and highlights them
    in red.


  3. Our clan just came in 1st place this past weekend. My question is does everyone in the clan get what is awarded from winning , or is it only awarded to the players that played in the Clan Wars?


  4. I’m struggling to understand scoring.. Our clan is gold and we hold a node, we win three matches lastnight with me on top and a team member in second for the three matches. Winning those matches with other gold clan members on the other team we should have scored points and we show nothing. I’ve won many matches in the last two wars and I’ve not scored a single point on the clan app. Any help would be appreciated. Last night we beat a four member gold clan and got nothing


    • This is due to the fact that having members on the other team does not count, whilst you are not actually (well I hope your not) boosting, the game sees it that way. So if you have 3 wins in one game and 3 loses from clan members being on the other team your wins cancel them selves out. It’s also very important to check your active roster and make sure that those members are in fact showing as active otherwise their wins will not count either. I hope this has helped.


      • tombo632 // March 23, 2015 at 7:32 AM //

        no I’m not talking about boosting I’m talking about all of our clan on one team and three or four members of another clan on the other team both being golds and we’re not being awarded points


  5. Reading through this I didn’t see anything about the bank what purpose does the bank serve for instance our clan has 1300 points what does this mean??


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