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Patch Notes #2: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

So another patch has been released by Sledgehammer in an attempt to fix connections and general bugs.

This patch has gone live on PC and the PS4, however we are still waiting to see it roll out across the other consoles. This patch contains:

  • Connectivity optimization for game servers; and
  • General Bug fixes and rare crash bugs.

Whilst that may look identical to the previous patch we received earlier this week, for consoles it is in fact part 2 of the one update. The PC patch was split into two parts for consoles and we can expect that to arrive over the next couple of days however no set date has been provided.


Something you may not know and will be important to you if you are in a Clan and are getting ready for the pre-qualification round this weekend, don’t bother. Sledgehammer has cancelled this for the time being due to the excessive issues people are having connecting and the problems with the Clan app. Once new details are released about when this will kick off I will let you know.

pre qual

In the meantime, here are some useful tools for you:

The mechanics of how the Clan Wars work

How to level up your Clan

How to access the Zombies bonus round in Exo-Survival

SOURCE: Sledgehammer Games


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