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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare – Supply Drops & Updates

Sledgehammer has introduced a lot of very cool new features in the current instalment of the Call of Duty franchise, including Supply Drops.

I have compiled all the details for you in this video, however If you prefer a written version please see below.

Before I get into the details about the supply drops I just wanted to update you quickly on a couple of important Advanced Warfare updates.

Firstly, the pre-qualification round that was scheduled for this weekend has been delayed due to issues with connectivity and the Clan app. Once a new date is released, which I suspect will be next weekend; I will let you know via my twitter.

Secondly, there is another update headed to us shortly. For those on PC and PS4 you will have already received it, but for the rest of us it’s due to hit within the next couple of days. You can find all the details here.

Now moving onto Supply Drops.

There are many different ways you can earn supply drops. The mains ones are completing challenges, earning medals, being the first to die in a match, campaign, Exo-Survival, the amount of time you have spent playing in multiplayer.

Now while the drops themselves are completely random you will only ever receive an item that falls under the three following categories:

Enlisted, Professional or Elite.

If some of the items you receive are of no interest to you, you can ‘sell’ them by going into your armory. This will earn you XP to help level you up faster.

Weapon Loot:

The weapon loot contains weapons that are already available in the game however they come with various attachments and camos already equipped. The bonus with this is that those attachments do not count towards your pick 13, meaning you have more room for extra perks or score streaks.


Character Gear:

You will receive a lot of this, ranging from shoes, to different shirts, glasses etc, etc. You can completely customize your character however you like. These items do not give you an in-game advantage though, and depending on how colorful you decide to make yourself it would work to your disadvantage.



These items are rare and activate as soon as you open the supply drop. They can include 2x XP bonuses, score streaks, perks and rapid supply drops.

If you’re not having the best run I recommend not opening your supply drops in case you have a reinforcement item in it as you don’t want it to go to waste on a day where you’re not doing too well.

dbl xp

If you would like more details on the mechanics of Advanced Warfare please see:

How do the Clan Wars work in Advanced Warfare

How do I level up my Clan in Advanced Warfare

How to access the Zombies bonus round in Exo-Survival


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