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AC Unity Patch 3 on Route

Careful you might get whiplash with the speed Ubisoft is churning out these Assassin’s Creed : Unity patches, with Patch 3 on its way.

patch3Patch 3 looks like its the biggest patch the game has received yet. With Patch 2 just released on PS4 and PC and Xbox One still waiting for the update. Ubisoft have said the list of fixes in Patch 3 is not final but they have told us the categories they are focusing on:

  • Gameplay: this includes bugs like Arno getting stuck on certain areas of the map (including a few more hay carts), problems with getting into/out of cover, character animation bugs, and general camera problems
  • AI & Crowd: in this category are problems with NPC animations, crowd events, and crowd stations, NPC navigation issues, as well as bugs related to NPCs detecting Arno’s activities in various situations
  • Matchmaking & Connectivity: this covers a number of issues related to co-op play, including bugs with joining games in-progress and problems that happen during host migration
  • Menus & HUD: fixes in this category will address missing details in certain menus, problems with some of the mission objective and co-op update pop-ups, localization inconsistencies, as well as some of the issues with menus and pop-ups overlapping each other
  • General Stability: this includes fixes for a number of crash situations we’ve identified in both campaign and co-op modes.

Ubisoft have also said they are looking into performance issues with framerate drops and are looking at ways to correct this. We still don’t know when Patch 3 will be out but Ubisoft’s hints looks like it will be very soon.

Source: Ubisoft


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