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Why I Think You Should Wait to Purchase a PlayStation 4

This article is purely of opinion. I do not want anyone to take this as a detraction away from what the PlayStation 4 has accomplished nor of what it is capable of potentially. My opinion is purely based on observance, conversation with current console owners and my prior experiences with similar situations. It even reflects on my judgement on when I personally will be spending the money to purchase the PlayStation 4 console. This does not make me right, this does not make me wrong; it is simply my opinion.

Disclaimer 2: This article is also intended for those who were undecided if they should purchase the PlayStation 4 now, or if they should wait.

So it’s been just over a year since the release of the PlayStation 4 and just a few days short of a year for the Xbox One’s release (from the time that this article was written). Over that year we have seen many successes and many missteps by both companies. Sony itself has experienced massive sales as well as unique features exclusive to the PlayStation 4 for many games, such as unique The Last of Us inspired enemy-types in Diablo III. Little Big Planet 3 was released as the only holiday exclusive to the PlayStation 4 that is deemed as an AAA title.

An article from Kotaku was recently written explaining why now is the time for gamers to upgrade to the PlayStation 4, primarily for those wanting to upgrade from the PlayStation 3. In this aspect, I believe that both consoles are worthy purchases to upgrade from last generation. Hell, I would even make an argument that the Wii U is a worthy upgrade compared to that of the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and especially that of the Wii.

All of these consoles are now going to start peaking upwards with focuses shifting away from first year sales to stabilizing what they have accomplished so far. We should start to see the fruits of the labor that each of the companies at hand have been working towards. Is now the time to get a PlayStation 4?

While I respectfully accept opinions for and against, it is my opinion that if you haven’t decided 100% that you should wait a few more months. For 2014, you can afford to wait and here is why:

Bloodbourne, devloped by From Software, is set to release on March 24, 2015.

Bloodbourne, developed by From Software, is set to release on March 24, 2015.

Two highly anticipated titles in February and March will be adding to the building library that is currently on the console. Unfortunately the true exclusive listing is rather pale with only a handful. Sure the library is bigger once you also include multi-platform titles, however you can get similar and sometimes better experiences with these elsewhere.

If we have learned anything by now, it is that Sony hasn’t had the best of luck with the updating patches over the past few months and that is another reason why you should wait. Many early adopters to the PlayStation 4 were disappointed at the lack of true, in-depth updates over the months. Instead designating for large-scale updates months apart. While this can be fun to have everything in one serving 2.00 showed that it could be a disaster, if anything, needing two updates in order to fix issues that plagued the console for several weeks. If there are new apps and programs that are coming in the next few months, it might be best to let the kinks iron-out to ensure that you have an optimal performance and experience.

The horizon for the PlayStation 4 looks very bright. Tons of timed exclusives as well of console exclusives are in the works and gearing up for releases over 2015 and 2016. Surely by then most of the announced services will have been released and had time to work towards being at 100% on its performance.

The PlayStation 4 is a beast of a machine, definitely primed for a top-of-the-line performance for a console. Naysayers can disagree all they want to but the truth of the matter that time will tell, if and only if developers catch onto easier development of the console. Sony has a vision and the fanbase for the company have bought into it. 10 million units sold to consumers and 13.5 shipped to stores show that the support is strong; it is up to Sony to deliver.

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