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Halo: World Wide by the Hour

I recently came across a neat little chart from Microsoft detailing the world wide playtime of Halo. I found this little gem while trying to redeem some Xbox Rewards after I've spent nearly $200 in games over the past 3 weeks.

The map is broken down by hours played with color coded and a circle radius for the general area of where the game is being played at.

Pretty neat seeing the world wide values of how the game is played in various parts of the world. South Korea, where the Xbox is said to not sell very well, has come to to accumulate over the 1 million hour mark for the country. Pretty astounding for a country that is head over heels for the PC games. I think they could have done a better job picking colors. I’m not sure if some of those magenta’s are purple or if those purples are magenta?

Are you contributing to the hourly total for Halo with Halo: The Master Chief Collection?


Source: Xbox Live Rewards Stats

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