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Are your stats suffering from joining games that are nearly over in ranked playlists? A solution is on the way

If you are someone the plays in the ranked playlists in Advanced Warfare chances are you take your stats very seriously as ranked playlists are very competitive.

A common complaint about the ranked playlists is that many people are being put into games that are well underway, sometimes they are just about to finish and this often results in a loss.

As most of us know, the main reason usually that there is room on a team is someone has rage quit because the conditions were not to their liking (aka getting spanked) meaning that the burden on the remaining team members to win that game is a lot higher.

This is resulting in many people who play ranked playlists either by themselves or with one other person having to struggling to keep their rankings up due to no real fault of their own.

Michael Condrey however, is on the job. He acknowledges this problem and a patch to rectify this is on the way.


This patch, whilst it has no release date as of yet, will prevent people from being able to join ranked matches that are already underway.

So those of you that are stressing about your current ranking in this pre-season can take some peace in knowing that this will be resolved shortly. Hopefully that ‘shortly’ will be prior to the start of the first Ranked Season set to begin in December.


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