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Favorite Five Games of 2014

It is at the end of the year and I wanted to share what games I thought were phenomenal moments for gaming in 2014 based on my personal experience.

  • All of the games that I am listing are games that I have had playtime with.
  • I have not played every single game out there this year therefore I am not going to be listing anything that I have NOT had hands on experience playing.
  • I am not including remakes, so Halo: Master Chief Collection, Grand Theft Auto 5, Tomb Raider: Definitive edition and others are not being taken into consideration.
  • No review was used in deciding my top games.
  • The game listing is in no particular order other than released period was 2014 for North American releases.

Bravely Default – For anyone who has had conversation with me about my reasoning for purchasing a Nintendo 3DS, I gave two reasons: Pokemon Y and Bravely Default. The latter turned out to be a remarkable experience that utilized so many features that go untapped on 3DS titles. Handheld positioning, 3D done right and even using the camera to determine depth of the room ahead of you, SquareEnix easily have outdone any title they have ever published. [This is coming from a HUGE fan of Final Fantasy 7, 10 and even Ergheiz.] The game itself as a Japanese Role-Playing Game took the genre to new heights with new mechanics in the combat system as well as returning to the days of RPG difficulty. I appreciate a game that doe not look hold your hand every step of the way allowing you to figure out how to accomplish the next task. I only can anticipate the greatness that should be in Bravely Second.

Titanfall – In an industry that is full of the same cookie cutter first person experiences, Titanfall was a much welcome breath of fresh air. One of the first games to truly utilize the cloud, or as I like to call them by their actual title, the Azure servers. Titanfall is one of the few games that you would be able to notice upgrades happening within the same day. It also taught gamers to have a full on spectrum of awareness that was full scale and all around you rather than just a simple map that would lead you to a more linear playing field. In other words, the ability to run and hang on the walls, as well as utilizing your environment as a jungle gym to climb to places quicker. Months later Titanfall players are still receiving updates to the game that also lead to completely new experiences. I still pop the game in for time killer every so often.

Super Time Force – It has been a while since I played a game that had the silly humor that you find in Super Time Force. Using jargons in place of real-world titles, supplemented with classic characters as well as one of the most unique time-limit experiences, Super Time Force hits indie gold in my category. To me it hit a standard in the gaming scene on how to make a game fun and hilarious all while attempting to utilize the vintage pixel canvas to create a modern game. The one time that I noticed how far we have come is when there was a screen full of re-animations of my former self attempting to save the prior from death all while blasting bullets from the past and present between myself and the enemy; hard to follow. I know!

Dragon Age: Inquisition – For me this is the first installment of the series that I have played. As a fan of the Mass Effect series from BioWare, I hold them to high expectations on what to expect of a game as far as experiencing the story goes. They delivered; and while I am still playing the game and yet to beat the campaign, everything has been brilliant so far. More surprisingly is the fact that the multiplayer is fun to play and much more in depth than that of some of the biggest titles of this year. BioWare definitely has set itself up for major success while venturing into a new console generation.

Dragon Age
Watch_Dogs – The game that blew up in many gamers faces did not have such a sour effect. The game that so many other games wanted to be Ubisofts version of Grand Theft Auto turned out to be a unique, different experience altogether. I never joined in on the Watch_Dogs hype-train so my bar did not have to be raised as others deemed fit. More importantly, I did not use other reviews to formulate my own experience before actually experiencing it for myself. The story and game has its moments that could have been presented and established better, however, Ubisoft definitely set themselves up for franchise success down the line if they improve on the games blemishes.

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