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Lizard Squad takes down XBL again & warns that it’s just a taste of things to come

Have you been having trouble connecting to XBL? Well there is a group of people out there that believe you are not entitled to enjoy your favorite hobby.

This is getting a bit beyond a joke, I really can’t even begin to understand how anyone can get so much pleasure out of causing disruption to so many people but apparently the Lizard Squad just love it.

Today they have succeeded in taking down XBL for a number of hours and warn that this is just a taste of things to come this Christmas time. So if you are hanging out to jump online and play those new games waiting under the tree later this month be prepared that you might be a little bit disappointed.

lizzard 2 lizzard 3 lizzardNow no doubt Microsoft will be doing everything they can to ensure that this does not happen however there just doesn’t seem to be an end to the special events that the Lizard Squad set out to ruin for people.

The Xbox Live Status site shows that there is no issue with services so this may be due to the outage itself but from my understanding all regions seem to be experiencing no further issues at this time.

xbix statusSOURCE: Polygon


2 Comments on Lizard Squad takes down XBL again & warns that it’s just a taste of things to come

  1. thats ok if lizard squad love torturing innocent people in the terrorists BS. they will love the being the butt end of the joke in prison when we’ve had enough of their terroristic idiocy


  2. What is the hack they are using? I’m assuming they are DDOS the servers to overload it. It worries me if they have a hack as that implies Microsoft has serious issues with the network infrastructural similar to what happened to Sony couple years ago. I got my fingers cross it’s not that bad.


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