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Could we be looking at the first step in backwards compatibility for the Xbox One?

Backwards compatibility is on the top of the most wanted list by Xbox One owners (followed closely by the Marcus Fenix Collection) and so far we know very little about what will and will not be on the cards in the future.

Today though, we have learned that the first step in making that a reality may be in the works.

Arcadia” is a new project in the works that will be utilizing the power of the cloud to potentially allow us to stream games to PC, tablets and other window devices.

Whilst this is not what everyone has in mind when they think about backwards compatibility, it is the first step towards potentially being able to play all your old favorites on the Xbox One.

As we know the there is a press event planned for 21 January 2015 for Windows 10, where Xbox God, Phil Spencer, will be speaking. The focus will be placed on the “next chapter” and is a full day event, so we can expect some pretty interesting information to be revealed. On that list I suspect will be confirmation of “Arcadia” (gotta love the Halo reference).

windowsRecruitment is currently underway by Microsoft to find suitable members to join the ‘Arcadia Team’:

“The Operating Systems Group (OSG) Arcadia team is leveraging many new app technologies to bring premium and unique experiences to Microsoft’s core platforms. We are looking for bright, talented engineers to help the next big thing for Microsoft.

The ideal candidate is self-motivated, experienced, driven, collaborative, and flexible. The candidate seeks the simplest and most elegant solution to complex technical and business challenges. The candidate has a ‘get it done’ attitude, but ensured that quality is never compromised. Working on a ‘v1’ product team should excite you and motivate you to ship something that’s never been shipped before.”

So it’s all sounding very promising. With the ability to use your Xbox One controller on your PC now you could easily take advantage of this feature and play some of those beloved classics while waiting for a more widely available system, for the Xbox One, to become available.

SOURCE: Gizmodo


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