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Destiny: The Dark Below & Three Month Review

My experience with Destiny has been very much in similarity to that of a roller-coaster. The beginning was steep climb to get to the prime top of enjoyment only to be followed suit with a fast realization of everything that I had been doing was much more repetitive than many games of its stature. Bungie makes its continuing ups and downs with beneficial updates but also many updates that leave players confused of why certain things were changed and implemented.

Ray and Pins

Individual rays shine onto the backdrop, also bending depending on the angle of the light over hanging.

If players hadn’t noticed yet, there are actually visual upgrades being added into the patches to continue to give it a much more vibrant than it already had. Graphically-speaking, the setting was already a very well-painted canvas with plenty of background imagery that leaves the player wanting more. In a way, this vibrant part of the game also creates cause of its demise in leaving players aching for more than the currently slim and presented sandbox. One noticeable upgrade is the sunbeam and shadow mechanics working together and cohesively, down to the slightest detail. If a walkway has holes with an overhanging light, prepare to see each hole give each individual hole its own light beam. It sounds crazy glorifying the game over something as basic as light and shadows, however it is truly something to experience.

Several patches in the making, Bungie is finally creating new ways to farm for materials. Rather than remove the material system completely, there are now multiple ways to collect materials for upgrades. Even upgrades seem to have taken a few changes in making it easier to upgrade with causing only legendary items to require ascendant materials.

Iron Banner seems to have found the groove that everyone wanted. Even of which including gear that will level your character up to level 31. For those who do participate they will find it very rewarding when they finally obtain one of the precious items.

A new DLC comes with new content in the form of new missions, a new strike [two for PlayStation owners] and a brand new raid. While new things are absolutely welcomed in this game, it is only a meager offering with three missions that only two are [currently] available for replay.

The world feels even smaller after The Dark Below was released. Aside from the Raid and certain parts of the strike and regular missions, everything is a complete retread of what was included upon launch. One of the missions, the very first one, is not playable again after you’ve completed, I imagine this is something that will be fixed with a patch but 3 standard missions that are all beatable, together, within an hour. The strike might add another hour, if you are completing it for a nightfall challenge. The Raid, which I have yet to do, seems to add only a couple more hours and is somewhat less challenging than the Vault of Glass.

The story is still lacking, even though Bungie made bold claims that there would be enough in the new DLC that would start to help explain the story better. All we know is what is in the trailer and that it seems that Rasputin is an AI that helps determine military-like missions. The Queen seemingly is a thing of the past and rather than setting Eris in the back, she is inconveniently crowded in the very beginning of the tower in a spot that seems to be a bit out of place. Honestly, Bungie needs to do away with the wall and open up shop in the back area stat.

It is pretty disturbing that while new content was added, it still seems to be severely lacking still. Many players that I have had interaction with have a unanimous decision to participate in only new events each week, then to shelve the game until the game resets every Tuesday. Even then, the gamer gets caught in the vicious cycle of: Raid, Nightfall, Weekly, wait & repeat. We still have only one tower, no brand new planet to trek and we still have only the same two subclasses that were presented at launch.

While Destiny has succeeded in creating a lively environment for an MMO-lite, designed for the casual gamer, hardcore gamers could have a hard time finding a reason to continue to dedicate time to being a Guardian. It is a shame because Destiny was crafted beautifully with everything it needed to be highly successful and enjoyed, instead it is much like having the great looking individual converse at the bar only to find a lack of personality.

At this time I can say Destiny is an okay game. If you have the ability to rent the game, give it a shot. Maybe if you can get it at a pretty good discount, give it a shot. I cannot say with good conscious that it is worth plunging a full $60 on, furthermore I cannot suggest that $20 is worth the value of the first DLC.

You can check out both prior reviews here: Initial Review (article) & One Month Review (Video)

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  1. The Fist of Crota mission was actually made replayable last Tuesday (12-16-14).


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