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Xbox & PlayStation servers may be free from attacks very soon – Anonymous Vs Lizard Squad

The last few days have been a nightmare for anyone trying to get online and game with their friends.

Some people have been lucky enough to avoid this issue, but for most it has meant that getting online was not possible.

Now Lizard Squad are claiming that they are kicking off day 3 of outages unless they get enough followers on Twitter.

LS 1It would seem though, that they have barked up the wrong tree in their approach of this as ‘Anonymous’ have now stepped in.

To everyone out there that received a new console or game for Christmas and have not yet been able to enjoy it online or download your games, hopefully this will be resolved very quickly.

Both Microsoft and Sony have been working around the clock to get their servers and stores up and running again as quickly as possible and regardless of the cause, or who is responsible, there has already been some improvement in the service shown over the past few hours.

So hang in there, it shouldn’t be much longer and you will finally be able to enjoy some online gaming during your Christmas break.

Merry Christmas to all, and Happy New Year.



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