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4K TV’s – already so last year? Introducing Quantum-Dot

TV’s are one thing that just seem to continuously be going out of date as new technology is always rolling in the door.

Most of us haven’t even laid eyes on a 4K TV yet and before that has even had the chance to become obsolete in this world of evolving technologies, LG has announced their next installment in the evolution of the idiot box.

Ready to hit the market later this year is LG’s Quantum-Dot technology TV. This technology uses miniscule sized crystals (between 2-10 nanometers) to generate light. This allows for a broader spectrum of colors and greater control over them. This means that not only will this technology be more advanced and precise than the current market leader (OLED screens) but it also sets the pavement for the introduction of 8K TVs in the future.


No price has been given yet or what size/s the Quantum-Dot TVs will be released in however there is a notable downside to this technology already in the market which is that it’s reliant on cadmium which is a toxic substance, however LG have been able to harness the advantages of this technology without the dependence on cadmium making their TVs slightly more ecologically friendly.

Are you getting ready to run out the door all Futurama style? Or are you already exhausted, like most of us, with trying to keep up with the next ‘big thing’ in TV tech?


For more detailed information please see Mashable.


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