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Coolest Pair of Sketchers for Kids from CES 2015

These new Simon-inspired Sketchers are sure to give any kid’s LA Gears a run for the money.

We first came across these soon-to-be released shoes on CNET. Releasing in February for roughly $65 a pair, these neat shoes have the capability to keep any kid entertained. Witch just a slip of the shoe, because these bad-boys are Velcro, they become an awesome Simon board with lights and sound.

Sketcher Shoes
We do know that these shoes are currently exclusive to kids; which is sad to hear but probably better for your public activities. Last thing people need is your feet stinkin’ up the air all because you want to top your high score. They come in both male and female shoes and it looks like there will be an option of white or black for girls and black for boys. And before you ask, no there is no online multiplayer.

Source: CNET &

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