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The most powerful mobile processor ever has been unveiled

CES 2015 is, as expected, show casing some of the most extraordinary technology this week. The new Tegra X1 mobile processer is no exception.

What makes it so powerful you may ask? Well this little invention is capable of doing teraflops, or trillions of calculation every second, is has 256 processor cores, and can produce 4K video at 60Hz


Now whilst this chip can and will be used in phones and gaming in the future, amazingly enough the place that Nvidia wants to see this technology harnessed the most is in motor vehicles.

“We believe future cars will be the most advanced computers in the world,” Huang, Nvidia.

To complement the super chip, Nvidia also unveiled a new car platform which they have named The Drive CX.

The central computer is based on the Tegra X1 chip and is compatible with with Linux, Android and QNX based car systems.


This technology is a step further towards more consistent and readily available self-driving cars which we are already starting to see announced in the market.

For more information please visit Mashable.


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