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PlayStation TV Price Drop?

The PlayStation TV is selling at $20-$40 under the list price at various retailers.

Best Buy, Amazon, Walmart and GameStop are all listing the base price for $80 and the controller and game bundle for $100. The list price is $100 and $140.

The PlayStation TV just recently added support for Sony’s game-streaming service, PlayStation Now.

There currently is no word from Sony if there is an official price drop or if these are just retailer specific price drops.

UPDATE: Sony has stated that these are retailer specific price drops and not a actual price drop from them. Also, this is for only U.S. retailers.


Source: Polygon

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2 Comments on PlayStation TV Price Drop?

  1. CreativeRhino // January 8, 2015 at 3:25 PM // Reply

    Is this US only bud?


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