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Battlefield Hardline BETA Details

The next installment to the Battlefield franchise, Hardline, is prepping up for the BETA. Already passed a closed BETA prior PlayStation 4 and PC, Visceral Games is prepping up for a much bigger BETA this time around.

Firstly, there is no announced time frame of when the BETA will be taking place, but there are a ton of awesome details that were announced of what will be going on in it.

For players hoping to get into the next BETA, all you need to have is a console that will have the game on it, online service and plenty of snacks to accompany your time while enjoying the open BETA. That’s right, this BETA is open to PC, PlayStation 3 & 4, as well as Xbox One & 360. Two maps will be playable with various modes, including the all-new Hotwire, which looks to be a high-octane blast mixing both warfare and speed.

The BETA will not be capping your progress either, so it is potential that you could max out to what will be in the final game. It will also allow you to test the waters of all of the class-types to find what you think you will be enjoying the most once the game is released.

BF Hardline

Mostly what EA and Visceral Games wants you to do is to break the game, literally. Most folks look at a BETA as a reason to tryout whether or not if they will be playing the game once it is released. What they need gamers to do is to try and break the game so they can find all of the problems that they can and ensure that it is working closest to max capacity once it is released.

Battlefield Hardline looks to take a different step in the franchise by taking a view of a cops and robbers scenario rather than the typical army versus army, or versus terrorist.

Battlefield Hardline is set for a March 17th release date.

Source: Battlefield Official

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