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(Rumors) PlayStation 4 Slim: New Memory Chipsets, $299 and SSD?

It is no secret that Sony would be looking into a slimmer model of their highly successful PlayStation 4 console. Like its predecessors it would be smaller, less expensive and add new features.

Samsung made a strong statement when discussing new chips that could be used for the PlayStation 4, among other consoles. In a recent press release, Samsung detailed their new eight, 1GB GDDR5 memory chips that are shipping for mass production. Samsung executive vice-president of marketing and sales Joo Sun Choi suggested that the new RAM chips will provide original equipment manufacturers with the best graphics memory solution available for game consoles as well as general use notebook PCs. It fits the PlayStation 4 console perfectly as the current model uses 16, 512MB memory chips.

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Many rumors around the internet seem to suggest that the slim model will be manufactured with a solid state drive (SSD) rather than the current hard disk drives. Solid state drives provide a boost in speed for loading times as well as data transfers. Just like anything new, this tech typically starts expensively in the market (4k HDTV’s anyone?). Over recent months the price of productiong SSDs have significantly decreased their MSRP pricing; more than likely will continue to trend inexpensively. One potential drawback of using SSDs is that they often have less memory space than the standard hard drives in today’s market. However, this issue would more than likely be remedied with the ability to use an external hard drive. [See: Gamingbolt‘s argument for a new slim console for the PS4 and Xbox One]

Another rumor circulating is that the slim console for the PlayStation 4 could see a price drop to $299; that’s Wii U pricing. During the holidays, Microsoft experienced a fantastic uplift in sales by dropping their console to a sale price of $349, and some places even lower depending on the location it was being sold. This boost was significant in the fact that it helped Microsoft sell the most consoles in November and December for the first time in the U.S. and another time in the U.K. While 18 million units is no easy task, Sony can only imagine how many more they could have put into homes if they kept up with the holiday pricing.

[Below: ReviewTechUSA discusses PS4 Slim possibilities.]

With 2015 to be the first time that Sony really has put out a significant amount of triple-A titles since launch, now is the perfect time to put out a slim console with a lowered price tag. I for one would welcome a slimmer, inexpensive model with enhanced improvements to the hardware. Now if only Sony can get on top of their PlayStation Network.

Sources: Samsung, Gamingbolt, ForbesTech Times, Polygon

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