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Sunset Overdrive takes a massive price drop, but only for a limited time!

On sale now is one of 2014’s biggest Xbox Exclusives – Sunset Overdrive (SSOD).

Are you a Gold member? Well if you are you can head to the marketplace now and pick up SSOD for 40% off, bringing its usual price of $60 down to a very cool $36. Now this is only for a limited time so don’t procrastinate too long or you may find it back at its standard $60 price ticket by the time you get around to it.

Have SSOD already? Then you are in for a treat too, 3 new Buck National themed achievements have also been announced worth 25 gamer score points each.

  • Hardcore: Buck National vs The Apocalypse (beat a score of 400,000)
  • Hardcore: Busk Strikes Back (beat a score of 500,000)
  • Hardcore: Buck Stops Here (beat a score of 600,000)

Here’s all the details on those achievements for you and some tips on how you can unlock them:



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