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The Elder Scrolls Drops Monthly Subscription, Gets Console Release Date

The Elder Scrolls Online has finally made some changes that many were already anticipating.

[UPDATE 2:] We forgot to add the most important piece, the release date is June 9th for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. PC gamers will be able to get these enhancements in March.

[UPDATE:] We have gathered some notes that were key after doing today’s update live:

Micro-transactions in the game have been implemented, but unlike other free-to-play/Mirco-transaction models, you are not going to be paying to win. Instead, players will be able to purchase cosmetic enhancements for their character that will have no bearing on stats. Players will be able to purchase convenience items such as potions, but these items are all attainable in the game and are never better than what a crafting merchant or player can create.

Players who have subscribed to the game will be receiving crowns for every month they have subscribed prior to the change and will receive a larger sum for every month that they have remaining. It is what the developers want to do as a thank you for supporting the game prior to the pricing model change. They also have announced an additional surprise for those who have been subscribed for a long duration but only hinted at it being a mount.

The Justice system was also talked about in reference to picket-pocketing from NPC. This of course allows for consequences for players actions. Additionally, they briefly mentioned adding a skill to allow players to become criminals. So If you want that sweet roll, you will risk being hunted down by guards. This looks to be a pleasant change for those who want to push the boundaries of the game.

There will be a console BETA prior to launch, no time frame but they mentioned April as a likely timeframe.

Other key notes:

Crowns cannot be traded or sold, no gold transferring to different currency.

Repair kits, soul-gems and health & stamina potions which will be reflective to the level you are consuming them at.

When purchasing Crown Store items it is account wide so all of your characters will be able to access these cosmetic items.

Imperial Edition is available for consoles and will reflect the new Tamriel Unlimited version of the game.

500 crowns for all new players, 100 crowns for every month subscribed, 1500 crowns for every remaining month.

Consoles will allow for voice chatting. Each area will allow for a public chatting where everyone in the area are able to communicate. You can do group chatting that will allow for gamers to chat at a distance. If you do not want voice chatting, you can turn this option off completely.

PC gamers will be able to transfer their characters over to console, though there is no date for this ability. This was referenced as copying your character over to console but it will remain on the PC version. This will allow players to be able to play separately on all versions. This will more than likely not keep the stats the same post-transferring.

Original Post Below:

Upon release, Zenimax Online Studios released the MMO as a subscription based game that was not very well received. They have now decided to drop the $15 monthly subscription in place of a free-to-play model. Instead they will be opting for a premium option as well as micro-transactions in it’s place

The Elder Scrolls: Tamriel Unlimited, the optional premium service, looks to enhance subscribers of this service with free access to all DLC, bonus XP, gold and crafting. Subscribers will also get a monthly payment of Crowns, a new form of currency, which can be used to pay for cosmetic and convenience items from the new Crown Store.


Zenimax studios is currently doing  a live announcement and we will update this article with any additional news we find!

Sources: PlayStation Blog via Kotaku

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